Timber flooring has been a popular choice of flooring for most living areas at homes. It gives the space an elegant and distinct feature that is noticeable as soon as someone walks in the room. The bold impression that timber flooring creates makes it a popular and safe pick for homes. However, there is often a misconception when it comes to choosing timber flooring for kitchen area, mainly regarding its durability and suitability in a moisture and spill prone environment.

Sustainable Material

Sustainability has become an increasingly popular consideration when it comes to choosing material for home construction. For Kitchen flooring, our range of engineered floor is a great option, because only top layer contains of slow growing hardwood. In addition, all our flooring products are specifically designed for Australian Conditions sourced from FSC certified French Oak trees. Our expert installation and finishing would further ensure a perfect end result.

Resilient and long lasting

The Kitchen is generally a high foot traffic area and engineered flooring makes for a great durable and long lasting flooring option. In addition, hardwood flooring is an investment, which can give a space a distinct character over the years with right maintenance and care. A cost-effective way to revive your wood flooring without having to fully replace is by sanding and refinishing, that can give a new life to your existing floors.

Easy Maintenance

Just like any other natural material, as timber flooring ages, it adds to the aesthetic and uniqueness of it. However, it is important to make sure that your flooring ages the right way, which means that it demands a certain degree of maintenance and care. We have separate article dedicated to maintenance of hardwood floor, which discusses some simple tips, and tricks that you can incorporate in your daily cleaning routine to make sure your precious floor is cared for.

Wide range of colours and finishes to choose from

At Renaissance Parquet we offer a wide range of colour and finishes to choose from to suit your needs. We could also provide custom finishes to cater to specific needs that harmonizes with your kitchen and interior

Professional Support from Renaissance Parquet

With over two decades of experience in Parquetry flooring under our belt, we understand parquetry flooring at its core. At Renaissance Parquet we offer an all round service of parquetry, from manufacturing, supply and installation to maintenance, sanding, polishing, insurance and floor inspection services. Discover our full range of product and services. Make an enquiry now.