At Renaissance Parquet we are determined to provide the best quality and finishing for your commercial floors, also offer parquetry installation, sanding & polishing services. We work with our sister company Windsor Parquet to produce floors at our manufacturing site in Melbourne to give our customers the flow and subtle texture they are looking for their home or commercial space. We offer a plethora of flooring products, from the modern and cutting edge to the classic and vintage-inspired. At Renaissance Parquet, we adhere to environmentally responsible standards, to ensure both quality and sustainability.

Flooring plays a very important role in creating an impression of the space when a customer walks into the establishment. It is a major aspect which contributes to the look, feel and overall ambience of the place. High quality flooring that stands out in looks, unique details and perfect installation is a no brainer for any commercial setting. Renaissance parquet not only provides boutique flooring for domestic settings, but also for commercial settings. Our team of professionals are fully equipped to take on any industrial or commercial projects. In order to bring our passion for high quality flooring to your business.

We import raw materials and process them at our factory located in Melbourne into Herringbone,Chevron, Versailles and strip flooring. We also make as a Bevel or Tongue and Groove and can pre-finish or supply raw. All the products are manufactured with mastery in design and expertise in construction. With full control over the production

and installation, we are very confident of being able to manage any problems that may arise. In addition, all of our projects are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Visit our website to find more information about our products, and design. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns and we will be happy to help you.