Not only do we install strip and parquetry flooring from scratch, Renaissance Parquet offer insurance services and repairs for any kind of floor damage.


Below we have an example of one of our most recent insurance repairs. The house and floor was exposed to water damage causing the wood to become soaked, and rising from the surface.


Initially this repair was going to be a full floor replacement. With the materials being predominantly Australian timber, It’s often quite difficult to obtain in the quality it once was 30 years ago.


After thoroughly inspecting the damages and surrounding area, the team at Renaissance Parquet had come up with a cost effective, high quality solution that was able to maintain the integrity and structure of the original timber that was previously installed.


By removing the water-damaged brick-bond pieces, the pieces of wood were brought back to our factory to be re-dried. After this the base of the floor was also reinstalled. Once this step was completed, we started to install the brick-bond pattern block for block.


Normally our usual approach to this kind of issue would be to redo and re-sand the entire floor. However due to factors beyond our control and residents not able to leave their home in order for the duration of what would be a normal repair schedule, we compromised and allowed for residents to stay in the home whilst repairs took place.


In the meantime, we patch finished and sanded the damaged area and left the finish for a later date whilst other aspects of the renovation were completed.


Insurance repairs shouldn’t be conducted when there is no transparency and communication across both parties. If they have defects from original works, they can be salvaged. Floors can be saved and refurbished; sometimes it just requires the right knowledge and experience to get the job done!


From Herringbone to Chevron or Monticello to Halcyon patterns, we are always looking to push the norm and our creative limits when it comes to flooring. Contact us to found out more about what we have to offer! Or follow us on Instagram to see our craft in action