Haddon Hall is constituted of a square frame and three rectangular central blocks creating another square (square on square).

Haddon Hall is a famous countryside medieval manor in England, built in the 11th century. Later on it gave its name to this really famous parquetry pattern around the world.

Due to the simple yet stylish nature of the Haddon Hall design, we are able to cut it in different sizes according to the width and the amount of pieces on the main block.

The parquetry is made in Australia at our own purpose built factory in Highett Melbourne. The oak is imported direct from France, but we also manufacture from recycled, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Blackbutt and any other specias.

We offer a square block to be installed raw, or Tongue and groove parquetry in both bevel or unbevel with the option or prefinished using UV cured Oils from Europe.The grading option include select through to rustic depending on the look or budget the Client is seeking.

Our processing of the parquetry allows it to be installed on heated concrete as well as in humid places like Hong kong or Singapore. We have supplied and isntalled flooring to Sydney , Perth , Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch and Seoul with no issues of stability.

Haddon Hall Characteristics


From 225mm to 970mm


From 40mm to 140mm



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