As a result of productions from our flooring company, a substantial amount of wood shaving and sawdust is generated.

All our products are made from 100% oak that has come from PEFC/FSC forests.

We acquired a POR Oscar Briquette Press a few years ago. This machine creates Fuel Briquette made from predominantly dried biomass products (wood), which is then compressed using a POR Oscar Briquetting Press.

The process involves compressing the materials under high pressure and temperature without the addition of any additives or chemical splicing substances.

Eco-Briquettes have higher Calorific value than that of timber hardwood; meaning for the same volume of wood our oak eco-briquettes generate more heat than that of timber.

Briquette Pricing

Large Grade French Oak Kindling


B-Grade Smaller French Oak


Mixed Wood Kindling


French Oak Briquettes


Mixed Wood Briquettes


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