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Chevron parquet (also known as Hungarian point) is a classic European pattern that is made from blocks cut at various angles. This angle difference changes the way the light reflects on the rows and gives the floor a more directional feel.


Herringbone is known to be one of the first parquet patterns developed in Europe. In 1539, Francois the first, King of France, used this design on is Fontainebleau castle in Paris. He specially hired craftsmen from Italy for this job

Versailles Parquetry


When Louis XIV turned his hunting lodge at Versailles into a palace, the floors needed to be as sumptuous as their surroundings, and so the Versailles panel was designed. Available in a variety of patterns, sizes and finishes this product will give your project a luxurious Parisian style.


Monticello (Italian for “little mountain”) is a classic French pattern from the Baroque period. It was made popular by third American president Thomas Jefferson who was an architect. When visiting France in 1760 he was inspired by the Monticello design.


Halcyon parquet is an art deco pattern that is made from blocks cut in different shapes and assembled to create a unique old-world (European) feeling. It is a very unusual pattern that works simultaneously in four directions.

Euro Marie Antoinette

Named after Marie Antoinette the wife of Louis XIV, this pattern unlike Grand Versailles, doesn’t have a frame. It is constituted of a central square block and surrounded by overlapped stripes that we repeat all over the room.

Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall is a famous countryside medieval manor located in England, built in the 11th century. Later on it gave its name to this really famous parquetry pattern around the world.

Du Maurier

The Du Maurier pattern (also known as Florentine) is a square module pattern that is generally laid square. The internal pattern runs diagonally and can be adjusted to suits the dimension of the room.


D’Arenberg is a castle located in Belgium and named after the family that reigned in the Western European country from the 17th century until the First World War. The Daremberg pattern is similar to the Versailles. It is a framed pattern and is generally laid diagonally.

Reducing Square

The reducing square parquetry pattern is a square panel composed of small stripes assembled in diagonal. By laying down four panels you can create a bigger square. Depending on your angle of view, you can either see a pyramid or a cross.


Habsburg is a famous Viennese pattern that was very popular during the reign of the family from the same name. The square panel consists of a pyramidal square topped with a cross going from corner to corner.


An engineered wood product is a cost effective alternative that was invented early 80’s and still today it represent more than 70% of the market. Usually, traditional engineered timber floors are made of a solid top layer and plywood base that makes it more affordable.

Solid Boards

A simple way of laying floorboards in line across the floor. It is a perfect alternative between parquet and board plank. You can either choose a contemporary or traditional design. Strip flooring will always be a matching option.

Stairs Cladding

At Renaissance Parquet, we specialize in matching timber floor with stairs. A common problem raised by our clients is their lack to source same colour for both timber floor and stairs.


Renaissance Parquet offer End Grain wood flooring products that are the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available. End Grain is made by continuously cross cutting or slicing logs or cants into blocks or rounds, with the annual growth rings exposed on every piece.

Diagonal Module- 7 finger block parquetry

Mid Century Parquetry

At Renaissance Parquet, we specialise in Finger Block style Parquetry Pattern that we refer to as Mid Century Parquetry.

Speciality Pattern

At Renaissance Parquet, we specialise in unique parquetry patterns and custom patterns. We believe in pushing the creative boundary when it comes to wood working, and through our years of expertise and skills the possibility are endless. This section features a range of distinct parquetry patterns, we create custom patterns and finishes to cater to your needs.

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