• Renaissance Parquet Stairs


                  Staircases can be a major focal point as they play an integral roll in your home’s design and layout being one of the strongest transition elements in the architecture of your home.   As an architectural statement of the space, timber staircases are the perfect solution to give […]

  • Parquetry Floors are back…

    Parquetry Floors

    Parquetry floors have seen a recent resurgence as more people are starting to use these floors to add interest in theirs spaces due to their patterns and angles that work perfectly when it comes to bringing a sense of balance between modern and traditional styles.   This timeless style is not only dynamic but also […]

  • The myths about solid board flooring

    At Renaissance Parquet we can guarantee the quality of our finished solid board product

        Both solid and engineered wood flooring will make your home look and feel beautiful, but a solid wood floor not only offers strength and durability but also elegance, statement and that warmth sensation of a natural wood texture.   Engineered wood is a popular layered product made with a thinner top layer of […]

  • Renaissance Parquet Herringbone Parquetry Flooring – 65 Male Street, Brighton VIC

    herringbone parquetry floors

        Modern design is transforming the market and herringbone parquetry floors are one of those materials that has a contrast to the minimal interiors, highlighting rather than hiding the details to give the spaces a new expression.   This bespoke residential home located in the heart of Brighton, designed and created by the acclaimed Caia […]

  • Renaissance Parquet Herringbone Floors – Drake House by Austin Design

    French Oak Herringbone Flooring

                French Oak Herringbone Flooring – Drake House renovation by Austin Design. Renaissance Parquet Melbourne   With the install of a slightly limed pale French oak parquetry flooring, Renaissance Parquet was part of the suppliers for the Drake House renovation, a 1990’s Neo-Spanish house, by Austin Design.   This amazing […]

  • The Block 2018 hallway reveal

    Parquetry Flooring

              In this week’s challenge the girls did a great job with the hallway!   When Bianca and Carla were planning this space they also knew that the hallway flooring is the first thing guests will notice when they arrive, so it was the perfect place to make a great first impression with […]

  • Penthouse #5 Herringbone parquetry flooring received good reviews from The Block buyer’s advocates.

    Penthouse #5 Herringbone parquetry floor received good reviews from The Block buyer’s advocates

          Penthouse #5 Herringbone parquetry floor received good reviews from The Block buyer’s advocates. Last night The Block buyer’s advocates were at The Gatwick for their first inspection before the grand auction day at the end of the series.   And the Gatwick Girls were the favorite with their “New York Loft appeal Penthouse”; […]

  • The Block this week revelation – The Kitchen

    Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

      Renaissance Parquet – Parquetry Flooring Melbourne   This week’s revelation is all about the heart of every home – The Kitchen!   The kitchen is a gathering and entertaining space where family and guests are likely to frequent – and our Herringbone Pattern is a unique flooring solution to bring that warmness and enjoyment […]

  • Renaissance Parquet at The Block – Living & dining week

    Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

      Parquetry Flooring Melbourne Using Renaissance Parquet’s unique herringbone flooring in the lounge and dining area, which is not only durable with its oil finish, but beautiful as well, the girls were successful in creating a space that encourages relaxation and tranquillity through contrast and focus on the details.   Carla and Bianca’s living & […]

  • Bianca and Carla continued to impress with their stylish Master Bedroom

    Renaissance Parquet Parquetry Flooring Melbourne

    Renaissance Parquet Parquetry Flooring Melbourne – The bedroom is that special space on every house where we spend an important amount of our time just looking for relaxation, rest and comfort.   With this concept in mind Bianca & Carla created a space that is stylish yet functional and calming using warm and welcoming elements to […]

  • The Block – Master Suite

    Parquetry Flooring

    Parquetry Flooring – The Master Suite for Bianca and Carla in Unit 5 is the first bedroom on The Block 2018 that will feature our custom parquetry flooring.   They chose a floor that was sympathetic to the Gatwick yet showcased their unique style. The herringbone in French Oak was made in Melbourne as 720x90x21mm […]

  • The Block 2018

    quality parquetry flooring

    Renaissance Parquet  quality parquetry flooring is please to announce Bianca & Carla as our clients on The Block 2018, located at The Gatwick Hotel St Kilda, Melbourne.   They are renovating apartment five which they have chosen us to produce a custom parquet floor.   With our previous experience on The Block with Dee & […]

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