At Renaissance Parquet, we now offer video calls!


Due to recent events beyond our control such as the Covid-19 pandemic taking place, we’d like to inform our customers and clients that we are now taking appointments for our showroom via video calling, to further enforce any kind of social distancing practices put into action.

By doing this we are following the rules and regulations imposed by authority figures and are putting the health and peace of mind of clients first.

Bookings will continue to take place and be organized via phone or email. Then by using a video chat program we are still able to give customers and clients an insight into the different range of patterns and finishes.

Whether is through Facetime, WhatsApp, Instagram video calls, Skype, Zoom or WeChat. We want to give all clients the next best alternative when it comes to viewing our showroom during such times.


Despite remaining open we understand that individuals have varying levels of concerns and discomfort in response to the Coronavirus, and would like to ensure each and every existing or potential customer has the same opportunity to access and view our extensive range of flooring and finishes, regardless of where they are situated.

Our showroom displays an array of patterns and different finishes such as parquetry, solid and engineered strip flooring.

Contact us now via our website, phone or Instagram to book your showroom appointment whether its through the mentioned apps or through physical appearance.

At Renaissance Parquet, we are always looking to push ourselves to create and install the highest quality of parquetry and strip flooring there is to offer. Ranging from Chevron to Herringbone, Monticello to Halcyon and of course strip flooring with solid and engineered timber.

Contact us via the following:


Phone: 0438 567 786

Instagram: @RenaissanceParquet