Herringbone Parquetry in an extraordinary real estate event in a most prestigious Golden Mile pocket.

When potential clients and customers of parquetry flooring see us during showroom appointments, a common question that we are faced with is ”Can you show us examples of your parquetry in homes?”. Below we will be discussing another clean Herringbone Parquetry finish that was installed a few years back.


During the years 2014 and 2015, Phillip Mannerheim and his architecture team reached out to Renaissance Parquet to install our signature Herringbone finish inside one of his renowned designs, having installed this pattern across the entire first story.


Considered to show the highest levels of design, décor and detail on one of Melbourne’s most exclusive avenues. This installation is one that will often be shown to those who are interested in having parquetry flooring installed.

” An extraordinary home catering for the most discerning family.”

Using a custom stain and oil, we were able work in conjunction with the interior colours, features and design to ensure there was a strong contrast between the Herringbone floor and interior décor.

With the homes exterior and interior conveying resort or hotel-esque traits, it was only fitting to have a parquetry pattern that conveys such elegance and prestige installed into this righteous home.


Once entering the market, the dwelling then rightfully sold for a respective $12.08 million dollars. It’s by no surprise in which the home sold for such amount, carrying features such as an underground 8-car basement, unbridled luxury and State-of-the-Art technologies and relaxed living spaces within the entire home.


At Renaissance Parquet, we’re able to custom stain and cut solid or engineered boards according to your desired aesthetic within a home, commercial or industrial space.


Book an appointment to visit our showroom with a wide range of patterns from Chevron to Herringbone or Halcyon to Monticello, we are capable of providing the highest level of parquetry flooring that is built to last!



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