Let us take a moment to walk you through what we think is one of our most memorable Halcyon Parquetry installations we’ve completed in recent times.


In 2018 we were beyond pleased when the Zeigler family had approached us to install our renowned Halcyon Flooring in their divine home right in the heart of Toorak.

Grand 1930s architecture with modern luxuries.

Many property experts and homebuyers strongly believed that this was a “no-expense spared” renovation. With the house being purchased by the Zeigler’s back in 2002, they thought it was only appropriate to bring it into the 21st century all whilst keeping some subtle features that convey traits from the 1930’s.


When the floor plan was handed to the team at Renaissance Parquet, we were surprised by the fact that the owners insisted on a halcyon parquetry finish to be installed at the front door and entrance of the home, however this challenge was one we took head on and admired their sense of creativity and going against the norm.


The owners had told us that they wanted to give their home a sense of space and openness along with being whiter and brighter, so we worked carefully and thought about what we had been told. This led us to creating a customised, chemically stained dark finish, which showed a phenomenal contrast between the features of the house and the floor itself.

It was by no surprise that many Real Estate and dwelling experts had predicted the property to meet the mark of an expected selling price between $22m-$29m.

The property then went on and sold in December 2019 for an upwards of $24 Million.


This is just one of the many stunning homes where we are given the opportunity to show our craft in high detail and quality parquetry. Whether its Solid Flooring, Engineered, Parquetry or Stair Cladding. Contact us via email or phone to find out more about our products and after care services!