We have been a bit quiet lately on social media lately as it’s been nonstop on our job sites and in our factory, especially over at the M+ Museum.

Now that one of our biggest jobs to date is on the verge of completion, we can finally share with you guys what we’ve been up to over the past 4 months over in Hong Kong!

An overseas contractor contacted us a few years ago in regards to our parquetry range and whether or not we install on commercial sites. As the building itself was currently in the process of being built, it allowed for us to sample, test and try abstract methods when it came it manufacturing, producing and installing parquetry patterns.

After months and months of deliberation, we were able to produce a pattern and method that was able to capture the aesthetic that the M+ Museum was looking for, along with being able to withstand the extreme humidity and foot traffic that an art galley and museum would normally endure over the space of 1300 sqm!

The M+ Museum has a focus on 20th and 21st century visual culture, broadly defined, from a Hong Kong perspective and with a global vision. With an open, flexible and forward-looking attitude, M+ aims to inspire, delight, educate and engage the public, to explore diversity and foster creativity!

We had installed the sub-layer using a finger pattern consisting of French oak timber. Once this was completed, we were ready to install the final layer over the top. 

The final layer was one that had been going in and sampling and production for a substantial amount of time. Ensuring the texture and finish was one that meet the criteria of the M+ developers!

This End Grain finish had been through multiple sample trials being sent back and forth from Australia and Hong Kong to ensure the highest level of satisfaction was met by both parties!

At Renaissance Parquet we are always looking to push the boundaries when it comes to manufacturing and installing parquetry for both residential and commercial projects! Contact us here for more information about our range and patterns.