Within the flooring manufacturing and installation industry, it’s getting more and more competitive by the day.

As the amount of new players entering the market is on a steady incline, customers are given a wider range of suppliers and installers to choose from.

Despite such a wide variety to choose from, customers not only look for price and quality as the defining attributes when looking for solid or engineered timber flooring, they often consider the country in which both the timber is sourced and manufactured.

Many companies claim to produce and process timber in Australia and Australia only. However, when the quality of timber falls below a set standard, it’s often found that companies source their timber from overseas or from environments which are considered to either be unethical or not suitable for timber to be completely durable.

Here at Renaissance Parquet, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the most ethical and highest quality timber!

French oak is processed and graded using strict guidelines by FNB (National Wood Federation), which manages many of the sawmills in France. They have very clear grading rules and methods for drying. Many products made with French Oak have single origin material, which guarantees consistency and the quality of the finished product.

Renaissance Parquet sources all their Oak from France, and additionally provides certificate of origin and country of harvest declaration, to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Our parquetry is made in Australia at our own purpose built factory in Highett Melbourne. The oak is imported direct from France. We also manufacture from recycled, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Blackbutt and any other species.

In saying this, we are always looking to fulfill the dreams of homeowners! Our showroom allows for anyone looking to install French oak or Australian timber to have a look at all of our patterns and finishes.

Check out our Instagram or our website for regular updates, completed jobs and trailing different patterns and finishes!