Festive Season is right around the corner and it is important to protect your timber floors or french oak parquetry flooring from a Christmas tree. Bringing in a fresh Christmas tree is always pleasant experience; the looks and the smell fills any room with positivity. However, a fresh Christmas tree can potentially damage your stunning floorboards if not handled carefully. Here’s some of our go to tips for protecting your timber floorboards from a Christmas tree.

1. Clean the space

The space where the tree needs to be placed should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any scraps or debris to be caught under the tree. These have the potential to scratch your parquetry flooring.

2. Agitate & Shake the tree

Be sure to agitate and shake the tree well before bringing it inside. This will ensure that the pine needles and splinters aren’t clinging on, which is the real culprit of damaged hardwood floorboards.

3. Consider using Temporary Floor Protection

Temporary Floor Protection Paper rolls such as SupaBord is a great product to use on french oak hardwood flooring while bringing the tree inside. These floor protection rolls are easily available in your nearest hardware store and do great job to protect your timber floorboards from any type of traffic. Another advantage of SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection is that its reusable and recyclable for other future usages. Its versatile application will ensure that it doesn’t go to waste.

4. Place the tree

Using Temporary Floor Protection will ensure that your hardwood floors are protected while you are transporting the tree inside. Once the tree is placed, make sure you pick up all the left-over pine needles and splinters that may have fallen around the tree once placed. A quick vacuum would seal the deal! All that is left now is to decorate the tree and enjoy!

5. Moving it out

When it’s time to move it out, we would recommend using SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection again to avoid any floor damages while transporting the tree out. Make sure to wrap the tree to prevent any debris from falling while transporting it out. Give the area a good vacuum and you’re good to go.

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