Renaissance Parquet provides a sanding and polishing services for new and existing floors. We can custom colour with oil or water based finishes – both residential and commercial. Renaissance Parquet has had over 50 years experience in site finishing and can assist with your needs and maintenance.

Insurance Services for Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry is a beautiful thing until something goes wrong… Having the right knowledge and skills to repair existing parquetry floors that have suffered from washing machine and dishwasher leaks – or general water/storm damage. Having the right sort of skills to repair this is a dying art. Renaissance Parquet can custom makes flooring to match and re-sand/finish or in some circumstances fully replace flooring with like replacement. If your floor has suffered any damage and you require quotation, please contact us.

Floor Inspection Services for Parquetry Flooring

Renaissance Parquet offers a floor inspection service. We are able to attend your installation and assist with identifying problems and providing solutions. We also can prepare reports if required for VCAT to assist with any litigation. Renaissance Parquet has had many years of manufacturing, installation, and finishing experience of parquetry and timber flooring. If you require a floor inspection, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss over the phone how we can assist with your problem.

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    We supply flooring in Australia and Internationally, we currently have offices in Melbourne & Sydney.