IL BRICCHETTO – Firewood Briquettes & Kindling

As one of the leading french oak timber flooring manufacturers in Australia, we have taken a number of steps in our operational chain to give utmost importance to sustainable practices and longevity. In order to reduce waste from our floor manufacturing processes, we recycle the waste wood and convert it into compressed briquettes and kindling cut offs to be used as bio fuel for BBQs, Pizzerias, wood fired ovens and open fire pits. Allowing us to offer our customers a high quality, untreated and natural cooking fuel for a very economical price compared to other products available in the market.


How are the Briquettes Manufactured?

We acquired a POR Oscar Briquette Press a few years ago. This machine creates Fuel Briquette made from predominantly dried biomass products (wood), which is then compressed using a POR Oscar Briquetting Press. The process involves compressing the materials under high pressure and temperature without the addition of any additives or chemical splicing substances. Our Briquettes have higher Calorific value than that of timber hardwood; meaning for the same volume of wood our oak eco-briquettes generate more heat than that of timber.

100% Recycled Food Grade Briquettes. Perfect for Commercial or Domestic Use.

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