Since we opened the first factory in 2005, managing waste has been one of our main concerns. Here are a few examples of how we help preserve our planet.


As a result of productions from our flooring company, a substantial amount of wood shavings and sawdust is generated.


We acquired a few years back a POR Oscar Briquette Press. This machine creates Fuel briquette made from preliminary dried biomass products (wood) compressed using a POR Oscar Briquetting Press.


The process involves compressing the materials under high pressure and temperature without the addition of any additives or chemical splicing substances.


All our products are made from 100% oak that has come from PEFC/FSC forests.
Eco-Briquettes have higher Calorific value than that of timber hardwood; meaning for the same volume of wood our oak eco-briquettes generate more heat than that of timber.


When we are not able to re-use offcuts from custom orders we sell it as bulk bags available at our factory. They can be use as fire fuel allowing us to fully recycle our production.


For more information please visit our dedicated website for orders: http://woodbriquettes.com.au

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