Renaissance Parquet has featured in the Commercial Real Estate Australia where they share Renaissance Parquet’s journey to Hong Kong’s M+ museum and how the End-Grain Oak Parquetry came to life.

Commercial Real Estate Australia is a part of domain group that features some of Australia’s best properties and industry news. Describing the specifications of the job and the series of complications that came along, which finally led to Hans Unger taking over and applying his years of parquetry skills in order to “save the day in Hong Kong’s M+ Museum.”

As the features mentions, Renaissance Parquet’s unique End – Grain French Oak Parquetry made from 300 years old trees, pushes creativity to its limits and goes against the norm of standard floor installations, bringing the End-Grain parquetry where “it was meant to be.”

Check out the full article and share our journey of this unique flooring.

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