Renaissance Parquet is a manufacturer of high-end custom handcrafted parquet and wood floors. We are based in Melbourne Australia, selling and installing worldwide

Our 1.300 sqm factory is equipped with full wood processing machinery allowing us to work on short notices.

We can produce to order from 100% certified French Oak that include:

  • Solid Parquetry in a variety of patterns and sizes
  • Solid Boards: Strip flooring or wide planks
  • Engineered Flooring

Our services include:

  • Installation to any subfloor including heated concrete
  • Custom design and installation
  • Supply only
  • Site finish

We can achieve a wide range of finishes thanks to our local production. Every floor is hand-coated using different process:

  • Stain finish: from white to black using white base & oil products
  • Water based non-toxic finishes
  • Natural oil & wax finishing
  • Smoking & steaming
  • Textural effect: wire brushing, scrapping, and distressing

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