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Parquetry Flooring Melbourne – Let our premium range of French Oak wood flooring transform your space. We Specialise in imported French Oak timber flooring and Australian Hardwood Oak species to manufacture various traditional and modern timber parquetry. We are Melbourne floor specialists that are highly regarded for our European Oak flooring such as Herringbone Parquet Flooring, Chevron Parquetry Flooring, Versailles Parquet Flooring, Engineered Timber Flooring, Timber Stairs and Custom Parquet Flooring designs and finishes. Renaissance Parquet has over 20 years of experience in French Oak Parquetry Flooring and we understand parquetry at its core.

Customise Your Parquetry Flooring with European Inspirations, Hand Crafted in Melbourne for Australian Conditions. Explore our full product range.


Chevron floors design and dimension helps to make spaces feel larger along by the flow of the directional pattern by creating the illusion of more floor space. A directional pattern gives a room the appearance of space while adding dimension dynamism, and elegance.


Herringbone’s dynamic design gives a warm, natural, modern feeling that can be used in many different types of décor to add a sophisticated aesthetic and statement from commercial to residential projects.


Versailles classic design and versatility transforms any stationary room into an experience of style and elegance


Renaissance Parquet Solid boards offer strength and durability but also elegance, statement and that warmth sensation of a natural wood texture


Renaissance Parquet staircases are the perfect solution to give your home a striking elegance.


Renaissance Parquet Engineered floors are the closest alternative to solid timber and a cost effective  choice in wide range of options and colours to choose from to suit the decor of your home.

French Oak – Our Speciality

At Renaissance Parquet, we specialise in premium grade French Oak Timber. It stands out from other Oak varieties because it contains high levels of a chemical called tannins. This special property allows it to absorb any colour to its full potential, resulting in a more natural stain and a better overall finish. French Oak Flooring is considered the finest type of timber flooring species among the flooring enthusiasts, characterised by long grain patterns, richer colour and a sophisticated look.

Where does French Oak Timber come from?

We source all our Oak from France from Sustainably Managed Forests. Our French Oak is processed and graded using strict guidelines by The National Wood Federation, which manages many sawmills in France. They have very clear grading rules and methods for drying. We use FSC and PEFC certified single origin material which guarantees consistency and quality of the finished product. In addition, we provide certificate of origin and country of harvest declaration, to ensure that the customer is getting what they are paying for.

When it comes to parquetry flooring, after deciding the oak species it essentially comes down to deciding between Solid Timber Flooring or Engineered Timber Flooring. We understand that it may be a little technical and confusing, that is why we have put together a comparison between Solid Timber Parquetry Flooring and Engineered Timber Parquetry Flooring to help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect parquet wood flooring for your project.

Solid Timber Flooring Vs Engineered Timber Flooring

Attributes Solid Timber Parquetry Flooring Engineered Timber Parquetry Flooring
Durability Solid Parquetry is bespoke product featuring higher durability as it is a single piece of natural hardwood custom cut to order. Engineered Parquetry is a mass product featuring lower durability compared to solid as it is thin layer of hardwood bonded to plywood layers.
Life Span Solid Parquetry has longer life span as it is a single piece of hardwood and can be re-sanded and re-finished a number of times over the years. Average life span 60+ years. Engineered Parquetry Flooring has shorter life span as compared to solid as it contains just a thin layer of hardwood up top and has limited scope of re-sanding and re-finishing. Average life span of around 35 years
Aesthetic Flooring made of solid timber is naturally crafted to enhance custom depth in colour, warmth and authenticity. In addition to cleaner exposure and display of natural wood grain pattern Flooring made of engineered timber is manufactured as a cheaper and accessible alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Mass produced to prevent floor shifting during expansion and contraction in high humid environments.
Reaction to Temperature & Humidity of Site We use wood kiln drying processing and recommend site finish rather than pre-finished hardwood to minimise the expansion and contraction of wood due to changes in temperature and humidity. Engineered wood is designed to minimise shifting of floor during expansion and contraction in high humid environment.

With over 20 years of service in the parquetry flooring, we understand parquetry to its core. We also offer parquetry flooring install, sand & polish services. We supply oak parquet flooring to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Tokyo. We assist our clients with a premium service to achieve the right parquetry design from selection, manufacturing, installation & finishing of parquetry floor. Please contact us for more information about our parquetry services or if you are looking for timber supplier.