An engineered wood product is a cost effective alternative that was invented early 80’s and represent today more than 70% of the market.


Usually, traditional engineered timber floors are made of a solid top layer and plywood base that make it more affordable.

Renaissance Parquet has access to a new range of engineered floors that is the closest alternative to solid timber: Triple French Oak Engineered, composed of 3 solid Oak layers glued and pressed together.


It can be wider, longer and thinner than solid boards without the risks of cracking, shrinking. Its characteristics made the product cheaper and easier to install.


We always use a French oak top layer, which is at least 4mm thick. This means it gives the client access to finishes and colours that would simply be not possible on thinner top layers, or would fade very quickly.

A thick top layer also permits 3 to 5 sanding if you want to refresh your floor. And in most cases our method of installation will warrant you don’t get that hollow sound so common when walking on cheaply installed engineered floors.


Equally, we can manufacture engineered STAIRS AND RISERS to match your floor finish.

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100% solid oak: hardwood is used all over the product giving a better stability to the surface.


Environmentally-friendly product: the 2 bottom layers are made from wood off-cuts and rejects which allows waste’s production maximization.


Suitable for electric and hydronic heating floors: Solid oak has a higher heating transfer as supposed to plywood.


Best solid alternative: made of solid oak all the way through, it has this hardness clients want when considering hardwood floors.


Better humidity control: before pressing layers, they are stabilized in the same room for one week.


When selecting your engineered timber a classification is used to qualified natural defects within the board such as knots, saps and cracks. Timber grading system helps customer buy the right product for their aesthetic needs.

This grading goes from A (premium) to E (low-grade).


At Renaissance parquet, we only provide our customers with A, B, and C grades.


A Grade: No knots, no sap, clear face boards, pin knots allowed.

B Grade: Tight small knots up to 15mm, sap tolerance and pin knots allowed.

C Grade: Larger repaired knots up to 25mm, sap tolerance, clustered and pin knots allowed.




4 standard sizes available:


1900mm x 190mm x 15 mm total with 4mm French oak top layer


2200mm x 220mm x 20 mm total with 6mm French oak top layer


2200mm x 260mm x 20 mm total with 6mm French oak top layer


3000mm x 320mm x 20 mm total with 6mm French oak top layer


Other sizes available on request:


• Width up to 600mm

• Length up to 6 meters


Exist in variety of finishes, colours and textures


Sizes1 couleur


The parquetry is made in Australia at our own purpose built factory in Highett Melbourne. The oak is imported direct from France, but we also manufacture from recycled, Tasmanian Oak, Jarrah, Blackbutt and any other specias.

We offer a square block to be installed raw, or Tongue and groove parquetry in both bevel or unbevel with the option or prefinished using UV cured Oils from Europe.

The grading option include select through to rustic depending on the look or budget the Client is seeking.

Our processing of the parquetry allows it to be installed on heated concrete as well as in humid places like Hong kong or Singapore. We have supplied and isntalled flooring to Sydney , Perth , Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch and Seoul with no issues of stability.





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