Oil is a natural product that can come in different forms according to the application or colour required.  Oil is easily renovated without invasive sanding.


The main types of oil are:


  • Penetrating oil (can be used also externally): this oil has a high maintenance, can stain through use and requires re oiling regularly. The advantage is that the oil sits below the surface. Although limited in colours the finish has been used for many years and is generally used with wax as a base or top finish. This product is generally suited to high traffic areas and industrial use and is only available in matt finish.


  • Hard Wax Oil: is one that contains a limited amount of wax and cures. It does not require a wax, but in many applications, we use wax as a maintenance solution. It is easy to clean and has a range of sheens. The colour range is greater and can be used on different textures including scraped and brushed. To renovate the floors is simple and allows to be scrubbed and recoated. Regular care of the floor takes place through the washing solution provided by the manufacturer. This finish has a slightly greater surface sheen.


  • Two-component oil: comes with either activator or/and a hardener. The oil cures faster and harder. The range of colours is the greatest and allows for a low sheen finish with a low build on the surface. It looks similar to a penetrating oil without the maintenance. It is uncommon to wax these floors but wax is used when a higher sheen is required or, as protection in a high traffic area.


With all of finishes, regular care needs to be considered. Please consult the manufacturer’s instructions.  If a floor is not maintained through regular cleaning or oiled as it wears, invasive corrective work is possible. For any assistance please contact us for more information.

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