For this new season of The Block, three all-star couples were invited to compete with new contestants. But only one of them will continue the show after the elimination room reveal last night. We were contacted by Bec and George from The Block Sky High in 2013 as they liked the floor we did last year.  We were happy to see Dee and Darren as part of the all-star couples competing with our duo.


They didn’t really know what we would be able to achieve but were keen to use the Chevron pattern. Their starting point was this beautiful artwork that was setting the tone for the room. They asked if we could get a colour to match it. We came up with a custom colour in between a bleachy white and a pale grey. It was the perfect match. The chevron block’s size were dictated by the room size. In fact, they had to work in a small area where bigger blocks would have looked too busy.


Even though they lost the challenge, we thought their room was perfectly executed and we were really happy from the feedback we received on our floor. Hopefully we will get to work with Bec and George again. Now we wish good luck to Dee and Darren for the rest of the competition.


The Block – Triple Threat

27 Darling Street

South Yarra, VIC 3141



Solid French oak parquet

Chevron pattern

380mm x 75mm x 15mm

White washed colour

Micro-bevel edge


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