A common question that our clients or future clients asked is: How to maintain oiled and waxed floors?

A lot of people migrate from polyurethane and other finishes to more traditional looking floors.


Here is a list of steps to follow in maintaining oil and wax timber flooring:

  1. Keep it clean and dry.
  2. Vacuum and sweep as required.
  3. Keep washing to a minimum.
  4. Use a PH neutral cleaning fluid using a damp flat head mop.
  5. Make sure the cleaning tools are only used on the timber floor and no other areas.


The re oiling or waxing is done according to wear and maintenance. Wax is generally and annual application that helps re distributes surface wax and polish the finish. Some clients will buy domestic buffers and maintain the floors themselves.

When the wax and oil wear it is prone to marking and staining. It will also discolour and water will grey or mark the timber.


Oak is a little different to many other timbers where many finishes have reacted with the timber to achieve a colour. The application of the wrong cleaning Fluid may result in the floor discolouring or the finish becoming weak.


We can offer a full maintenance service that includes:

  1. Scrubbing and cleaning the surface
  2. Spot repairs
  3. Re oiling and waxing as needed
  4. Providing maintenance materials and instructions

When we oil you will need to move any breakable items out of the way, vacuum and wash the floor the day before we attend.



Some critical rules to follow after application of oil or wax:

  1. Keep the floor dry
  2. Walk the first 4 days with clean dry socks
  3. Do not cover it for at least 7 days with carpets
  4. No furniture for 7 days
  5. Make sure you have felt on chairs to protect the oil
  6. Use a new mop and bucket after the oiling to avoid contamination, use this mop only on the timber flooring and not on other areas


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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